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Dancing Makes Us More Alive

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A fantastic article about dance and its role in our history and social interactions.  There are some real gems this author touched on, and some fabulous quotes from New England dance teachers within.

“Unlike rowing a boat or chopping wood,” Marsalis noted, in “dancing you became more of yourself as you became one with others. You almost never got tired because your spirit soared the more you danced—because this was play.”


“Great dancing is not about satisfying the ego—it is “an offering” of your gifts, Johnson says. “If you are really dialed into the dance then you cannot think about yourself; the energy and focus [present in that creative moment] are too big. We think of that kind of thing as ‘New Agey,’ but if you are open and accessible” to merging the movement with the music and other dancers, then a new state of being surfaces. “I think it is being in touch with the soul,” Johnson explains. “These days we are so empirical; we want to know the how and why instead of having some mystery that defies words. In dance, you know the feeling when you feel it, and therein lies the connection” among body, mind, and spirit. “

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