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Mm Mm Monday – Alex Wong & Twitch

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Today’s Mm Mm Monday video is from Season 7 of So You think You Can Dance. It remains one of my favorites. This collection of video footage is a great way to lead in to the video I wanted to share today, because it showcases both Alex’s typical skillset, and then goes into the Mm Mm Monday clip of the day.

The first three clips in the video show you Alex performing ballet solos–he is a classically trained ballet dancer working with a Florida ballet company. Then around 3:00 we get into the hip hop piece he had to perform as part of the competition. In the hip hop piece, Alex is dancing with All-Star Twitch, a hip hop dancer who was a contestant on a previous season of the show returned to partner with contestants this season. And as we have established from the previous clips, and confirmed in the package before the hip hop routine is performed, Alex is NOT a hip hop dancer. Never done it before. That is what makes it so mind blowing. Enjoy!

(Unfortunately this video cannot be embedded, but check it out here:)

FYI, Alex did not end up making it to the end of the show due to rupturing his left achilles during rehearsals. It is commonly believed he would have swept right into a win. He was invited to come on as an All-Star in 2011, but unfortunately he blew his RIGHT achilles at a Step Up 4 audition, and so did not return. He remains among the favorite performers of all time on SYTYCD!

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