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To Dance is a Radical Act

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Here is a thought-provoking and inspiring read to lead into our first week of tribal bellydance classes of 2012. Prepare to nod your head, and “hell yeah” at this one…

“…we humans are not rational minds dwelling in bodily containers. We  are bodies. We are bodily selves whose movements are making us able to  think and feel and act at all. And if we are to achieve a just and  sustainable world, then we must make sure that our processes of getting  there honor the wisdom and agency present in the movement of our bodily selves.

To dance is a radical act because dancing reminds us that the bodily movements we make make us who we are.”

“…as we now know, not everything that is written down is important, and  not everything important can be written down. There are forms of  knowledge that exist in media other than verbal ones. Reading and  writing themselves are bodily activities demanding the precise  articulation of muscle movement. Words cannot grant themselves  authority. That authority comes from the lived experiences they express,  and the lived experiences they enable.

To dance is a radical act  because doing so implies that there are forms of knowing that cannot be  mediated to us in words, which give words their meaning.”

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Shay Moore is the director and primary instructor at Deep Roots Dance in Seattle, WA. She loves writing, movies, costuming, knitting, cooking, and bellydance to the moon and back again; and loves her amazing husband and doggies even more than that.

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