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Mm Mm Monday – Aziza!

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This video is of one of my all-time-favorite dancers in the universe: Aziza!  I can still remember the first video I saw of her, a VHS tape of an IAMED show she was featured in.  I was breathless. I couldn’t wait to roll it back and see it again.  Each year at Rakassah, she was on my list of Must Sees–I would even close my vending booth if I had to in order to catch a glimpse of her incredible dancing.

I wish I could share that first video clip with you, but sadly I cannot find it anyplace on line in its entirety, and the snippets I found are low quality. So the next best thing is this fantastic drum solo from her Ultimate Practice Companion Video (one of my go-to drill practice videos, I HIGHLY recommend), which showcases so much of what I love about Aziza.  Enjoy!

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