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Free Make-Up and Costume Videos!

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In case you didn’t already know, FatChance has made their Volume 2 Make-up and Costume video available online.  It’s a one-hour video which is partly educational and partly a fab trip in the wayback machine.  My VHS tape (and any VHS player ­čśë is long gone, so it’s fun to see it available streaming online.


While some of the conventions have evolved in the almost two decades since this video was created (1994!!), it has some great information on what stage worthy make-up entails and the evolution of the ATS costume.  And if you are a lover of turbans as I am, a walk-through of turban-tying and decorating is included in the video.  Enjoy!

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    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this. I’ve always wondered how they tie their turbans.

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