How To Critique Yourself

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One of my lovely longtime dance sisters and students, Kathy, sent me this in an e-mail recently, rightfully guessing I would enjoy its contents. In the bellydance world, being still truly a non-mainstream art (BDSS does not automatically bring all … Read More

New Year Tuition Changes

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I want to let my weekly students know that class prices are going up in 2012 to reflect market-rate pricing for our area.  Drop-ins will now be $15 per class; pre-registration will continue to be equivalent to getting six classes … Read More

Ebay’s Guide to Tribal

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In composing this blog entry, a single search for “tribal bellydance” on Ebay returned some very interesting results. Less and less dancers are shopping there, because the term has been confused and misused.I think we should start with a reminder … Read More

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