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Fabulous Tribal Styling for Super Short Hair

Anyone in the bellydance world can attest that tribal style hair is an exercise in excess!  It’s about bringing together a variety of elements, laying them one atop another until you reach the perfect balance of glamtastic (yes, that’s a word) details.  It is a common misconception that one needs lengthy locks to set the foundation for such grandiose beauty–how else will it all stay in place?  Deep Roots Dance is here to bust that myth.  As a short-haired gal myself, I preach from the mountaintops that even short-haired dancers can enjoy glamarrific (also a word) tribal hair, and here’s the proof.

In this video, student troupe member Arya Pretlow walks us through her process of styling her hair for an ATS / tribal bellydance performance.  And get this, her hair is even shorter than mine–pixie cut no less!  Watch as she takes us through each step, showing you that with just a little practice and patience, you too can learn to have fabulous, stage-worthy tribal bellydance hair.

YouTube description: A bellydance hair tutorial from Deep Roots Dance, appropriate for ATS hair and tribal or tribal fusion hair. Student Arya Pretlow walks us through her routine for styling her pixie-cut hair for fabulous tribal fusion bellydance performances! Shay videos and interjects a few personal suggestions as well. Note that unedited, this video was only 19 minutes (not too shabby for amazing hair, right?!). We simply had to cut it down to under 15 to fit the YouTube format; so apologies for any abrupt cuts, but really only a few minutes more was all it took to complete this look. You can do it, too!!

(PS Oops, Typo alert! An extra “t” found its way into “occipital shelf”. We’ll just pretend it stands for “TERRIFIC!”)

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(PPS Audio was a little odd since we did this in a bathroom. Hope you all can follow along! If you have any questions, get in touch.)

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