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Ollin Arageed by Hamza El Din

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A song we often dance to in slow in class, Ollin Arageed by Hamza El Din, has a beautiful history behind it.

“Hamza El Din – Ollin Arageed
A Nubian percussion performance, played for a person only once in a lifetime–at the celebration of a first wedding–the rythm composed of three different beats on the tar, accompanied by a melodie handclapping, feet beating on the ground, and, traditionally, singing and the noise of women’s jewelry in their soft movements to those rythms (sic).”

Hear the whole song on YouTube HERE
Buy the song yourself HERE
Thanks to the beautiful Amel Tafsout for passing along this link!

Side note, this was a popular song played by The Grateful Dead. You can hear a snippet of the live version played at Gizah HERE

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