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Skillz & Drillz! – Exploring Texture

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Movement isn’t merely a series of precise muscular contractions–it is a shaded expression which is the result of various artistic options we have at our disposal.  A movement can be fast or slow, big or small, can be deeply intense or light and airy, and so on. When working as a group in ATS, we try to synch up our expression, making similar choices to create a cohesive look.  But when expanding our abilities as an individual, it is fun to explore the possibilities!

This month’s Skillz! Drillz! exercise explores the many textures we can bring to our movement.  Create a combo utilizing three or four different moves, 16 counts each.  Dance your combo through making it as big as possible.  Repeat it again, this time trying it as small as possible.  Repeat at hyper-speed, then again at mega-slow, and so on with each option.  Then split up your combo into parts and assign a different texture to each part–first half n’ half of opposing textures, and finishing with all four sections layered with a different texture.  See how the use of the same moves but with different intent and focus can change the entire look and feel of what you are doing.

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