Why Spontaneity Comes from Following the Rules

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Over at Lateral Action, there is an interesting (& rather deep) post regarding a conversation between Brian Eno and the developer of Sim City, and the application of rules bringing about successful spontaneity. Read the full article here:http://lateralaction.com/articles/brian-eno-will-wright/ The simplest, … Read More

Web design…

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Had a few more contracts crop up for web design lately. I am trying to streamline my design process, but am finding it tough. I just like the visual design part so much better than the code part! So today … Read More

Bringing emotion to your dance

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  From my background in theater and dance, to a life seeped in bellydance and dance in general full-time, I have learned that one of the most powerful methods of showing emotion in performance is having a story firmly in … Read More

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