Recipes for A Farewell to Summer

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Last night I treat myself to a little farewell to summer indulgence. I thought I would share the recipes I made: Mini Apple Tarts and Ginger Basil Lemonade. Mini Apple Tarts Ingredients: – 1 package pre-made pie crust (comes with … Read More

My interview on YIP Podcast


Did y’all hear my interview on YIP Poadcast? I realize I didn’t post a link, as it aired during a time I wasn’t posting very often. The YIP gals, Mary and Tammy, are so wonderful, and I had fun talking … Read More

Jane of all trades?


Trying to be everything to everyone can be exhausting. I know! I’ve tried! Looking back on the evolution of my dance, I can see a sort of wave-like motion. That is, like a wave pushing forward which swells and swells … Read More

And so it continues…


It’s pretty nonstop here at the Moore household. Last week I got word that my eldest brother, Ken, was in the ICU with severe pancreatitis brought on by a gall stone that had become lodged in his system, blocking his … Read More