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Today, we’re gettin’ the hell outta Dodge. That’s right, it’s Road Trip Time.

Bend, ORWe’re heading down to Bend to spend some time with friends, get away from the everyday reality/life/crap, and just try and relax. Chris and I haven’t taken a road trip in a shockingly long time, though I have taken many with other girlfriends over the years. I am looking forward to taking one with my best friend starting this afternoon. ­čÖé

This will be the first road trip for our dogs, however! We would always have Chris’ Mom doggie-sit for us when we went anyplace, and that not being an option for this trip, it’s an opportunity to give them an adventure and see how they do. It will be 6+ hours in the car each way, plus staying in a strange house, with two other dogs to boot. I am confident Loki will be the gem he always is–he is St. Loki, I swear. But Gretchen…she is a Bitch. And fancies herself Alpha much of the time. So going to another house with another Alpha Bitch…let’s just say she may spend much of her day in a crate and on a leash. Which is fine by me. She could use a little extra socialization and humbling. ­čśë

It’s also nice to think that we will have them with us when we go to bed at night. That is always one of the hardest things when we travel. When the action of the day is through, and we’re crawling into bed, we almost without fail make some comments about how we wish our dogs were there to cuddle. It’s just not “good night” without our fingers running through black fur and scritching pink bellies, and receiving the requisite puppy kisses. So having that on this trip is a joy.

So what’s on the agenda for the weekend? Eating, drinking, hot tubbing, laughing, dog-cuddling, sleeping, repeat.

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