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The longest day of the year…


Today is supposed to be the longest day of the year. But I think yesterday was bucking for first place. Stephanie called early in the morning and told us to come over right away. We didn’t get that message for three hours. Pat had woken up and was not responsive. Just staring. She refused food and water and pain meds all day long. She was still responding one-word answers to some things, and even put together short sentences in the morning, but by afternoon and evening wasn’t speaking much at all.

Today she is aware/alert, but not saying anything. She is allowing water to keep her mouth wet, but still refusing to eat or drink. She can’t really swallow anything right now anyway… Stephanie, Nathan, and Gina have been nonstop in their caring for her, even sleeping on the floor in her room last night to make sure she had someone nearby whenever she needed them.

Pat is surrounded by a lot of love right now. Friends and family coming by all day long, dropping off flowers and food and cards. We sat with her all day and night. We are back today by her bedside, trying to keep her comfortable, and saying the things we need to say.

It’s understandably somber and quiet here. There isn’t much to be done, so it’s just *being here* that we can offer. And that is what we are doing…minute by minute, hour by hour, day by blessed day.

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    Aw Sharon! I don’t know what to say…..it all just sounds too familiar….I’m thinking about you….


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    Much love.

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