Mom Moore has always loved Neruda, and instilled a love of it in her son, who found the sonnet below today. He hopes to include it in her memorial somehow, and I think it is simply perfect. Rest in the … Read More

The longest day of the year…


Today is supposed to be the longest day of the year. But I think yesterday was bucking for first place. Stephanie called early in the morning and told us to come over right away. We didn’t get that message for … Read More

Friday, there you are…


It’s Friday, and I am not sure where the week went. Time is flowing strangely right now. Some days fly by, and some hours seem to drag on forever. The sunshine is most welcome today. Started cleaning up the area … Read More

Road trip roundup


The trip to Bend was just what the doctor ordered. Being surrounded by love and laughter at a time when we need it most=happy, relaxed Shay and Chris. And despite Gretchen’s complete inability to chill on the entire 6+ hour … Read More

Road Trip


Today, we’re gettin’ the hell outta Dodge. That’s right, it’s Road Trip Time. We’re heading down to Bend to spend some time with friends, get away from the everyday reality/life/crap, and just try and relax. Chris and I haven’t taken … Read More