» » Blast from the past: vintage Raqs al-Hamra

Blast from the past: vintage Raqs al-Hamra


A blast from the past! Sorry, there was no embedding was available that I saw:

Our first foray at The Northwest Folklife Festival, back when we were Raqs al-Hamra before we changed our name to inFusion Tribal.

This was our first choreography, ever. Done to Cybele, no less:

And while we’re at it, BOOTILICIOUS! Our first real hip-hoppy fusiony piece. We loved it so much. Makes me cringe and laugh at the same time. ­čÖé

Our first sword choreography (version 2.0 with floorwork laybacks)

Our first year at Capitol Club, when only Renee, Michelle, and I were doing it every month. And one of my first solos there:

And for contrast, a few years later at the Northwest Folklife Festival:

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