Blast from the past: vintage Raqs al-Hamra


A blast from the past! Sorry, there was no embedding was available that I saw: Our first foray at The Northwest Folklife Festival, back when we were Raqs al-Hamra before we changed our name to inFusion Tribal. This was our … Read More

January 22, 2010 Newsletter


JANUARY CLASS NEWSLETTER CLASS REGISTRATION OPENRegistration is open now for all classes, including the new special session of HULA! Yes, Thursday nights we will be learning Hula and Polynesian Dance with guest instructor Cathy of Hukalani Hula. She is a … Read More

Toilet Squirrel – A Story


So I am a member of the Ravelry community, and each year they have the BOB Awards, which is an excuse to call to light some of the best patterns, best projects, best yarns, best contributors, and in this case, … Read More

Beginner vs. Advanced

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I have found that one of the largest differences between a beginner student and an advanced student isn’t necessarily what you are able to achieve, but what you *believe* you are able to achieve. It comes from a combination of … Read More

Passionate teachers…

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I have been thinking a lot over my holiday break about what it means to be truly *passionate* about something, and in particular, what it means to be a passionate teacher. It is more than showing up and conveying material … Read More

Your 2010 Wishlist!


So a new student and friend, Kelly at Seattle Yogini, called me to action with her idea of a 2010 Wishlist. Oh I love this! A 2010 WISH LIST! I, like Kelly and I am sure others, resist the idea … Read More