Daily Thanks


Today I am thankful for my physical therapists, who care about me, encourage me, and leave me sore in all the right places on my road to improving my body’s health and awareness.

A month of thankfulness


Okay, late on the stick by 10 days, but a Facebook meme is going around that I really like, and would like to do here on my blog. Would you like to join me? Then blog, Tweet, Facebook, LiveJournal, or … Read More

The importance of chorus

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I was perusing some very old tribe topics of discussion (and enjoying it immensely I might add–tribe is like an archive of the evolution of tribal bellydance in so many ways), and came across a thread about chorus. Specifically about … Read More

Tribal Bellydance in Seattle, classes begin TONIGHT!

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Tribal Belly Dance Classes in Seattlewith Sharon “Shay” Moore! NEW SIX WEEK SESSIONS BEGIN:Monday November 2ndThursday November 5th Phinney Neighborhood Center6532 Phinney Ave N Room 7 http://www.seattletribal.com/classes Click on “Schedule” at the left to learn more about times, directions, and … Read More

Leave your worries behind…

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A quote about yoga practice, but really about any classroom… “When you’re burdened with a million errands and anxieties, what your well-being requires is an exercise regime that, first and foremost, leaves no room for mental wandering.” This is exactly … Read More

What do you want on this blog?

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Dance Shay or Personal Shay? Or Both? Hello lovelies! Okay, I could use a little feedback here! Starting this journal, my intent was to keep it strictly dance and art related, with a few sillies thrown in here and there … Read More

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