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What do you want to be known for…?

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What Do You Want to Be Known For?, a post by Jonathan Fields over on his blog “Awake @ the Wheel”.

“It’s a question most of never really think about…

Or, if we do, we think about it fleetingly, then tuck it away for some time down the road…when we’ll be able to finally do something about it.

Then, we go about the business of more or less responding to life, just doing what’s in front of us every day. Soon enough, a few minutes turn into a few hours. Then, hours turn into days, days turn into weeks…and, out of nowhere, we find ourselves years down the road, but still no closer to doing what we really want to be doing.

Still, no closer to being known for what we want to be known for…”

“It’s been on my mind, more recently, because of a comment that blogger and author of Internet Riches, Scott Fox, left on my post about ‘running to catch the sun’ last week. He shared:

Nice to see some “real” writing in the sea of copywriting, advertorials, and pitches that floats us all along daily online.

That comment was a bit jarring to me…

Because it sent me spiraling back to the fact that one of the things that I truly want to be known for, when I look back on my life, is being a writer.

Not just a purveyor of information, advice or inspiration, no matter how useful those may be. Not a pundit, a blogger, a smart person. But a writer. Someone who cares about and crafts words to bring people into the story, to take them on a journey. To somehow illuminate and change the human condition, if only fleetingly.

That’s what that post about the sun was about. And, that’s what I want to do more of…and be known for.

Does that mean it’s the only thing I want to be known for?

Of course not. Being a loving, involved husband, dad, brother, son, friend and mentor rank high above. But, it’s part of my vision.

I wonder might happen if we all made a concerted effort to step away from the increasingly autopilot nature of life?

To commit to living with more deliberation.

I wonder what might happen if we built into every single day a little time, say 10 minutes in the early morning, to do 3 simple things:

1. Create and reaffirm a vivid vision of exactly what it is we want to be known for,
2. Commit to taking a single step in the direction of that vision that day, and
3. Visualize ourselves taking that step first thing in the morning

Won’t you give it a try? Commit to 30 days and just see what unfolds.”

I have been giving this a lot of thought, and am not sure yet what is my goal for myself in this regard. Must think more on it….what about you?

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