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Alternative drill music

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What are your favorite alternative tunes for class drills? Let’s exchange some ideas for fun music which gets you moving and breaks you out of the usual!

Right now, I am loving:

Fast drills: “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk, “Tickle It” and “Shake Ya Boogie” by Mocean Worker, and “Blues for Brother George Jackson” from the Verve Remixed album (which has some great slow breaks in it to play with).

Slow: “Feels Just Like It Should” by Jamiroquai and “Call it Stormy Monday” by BB King feat. Albert Collins.

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    Seattle Yogini
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    I am loving anything “Rodrigo y Gabriela”, but particularly a song called “Hanuman”. Daydreaming of someday being uber enough to dance to it. lol

    Also, Eileen Ivers and some other celtic music.

    These are on constant rotation on my ipod whlie I walk my dog…it’s great for getting up to speed!

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    I like BBB for fast drills….but I try to put on music that I would not normally hear in class so that I don’t get too distracted by beats that tell me to do something else. I loove a song played live by Soda Stereo from Argentina, called Disco Eterno. Great to practice slow moves for about 8 minutes of juicy slow-medium tempo. I also like to drill to another Argentinian band, Fabulosos Cadillacs, they play sassy funky ska-y latin rock. I’m into Paatos lately too, I have a friend who is a prog rock junky and he is always sending us music samples. Sometimes I listen to Aural Moon (prog radio stream) to get new inspiration. I love RodGab too!!! Got hooked when I heard them on The Mountain a couple of years ago. Their music makes me happy.

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