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Leave your worries behind…

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A quote about yoga practice, but really about any classroom…

“When you’re burdened with a million errands and anxieties, what your well-being requires is an exercise regime that, first and foremost, leaves no room for mental wandering.”

This is exactly why you students must challenge yourselves in class. When it’s easy, your mind wanders right out the door into the past, into the future. When you are working your limit, if your mind wanders, you fall, you lose the pose. Keep your practice interesting enough to stay in your body and on your mat. When your mind has the luxury of drifting in Yoga class, you are not working hard enough. Take the next advanced variation. There is a deeper place waiting for you.

How do you know you’re working too hard and need to back off? If you’re straining, if you can’t quite catch your breath, time to take it down a notch. Find the place in yourself where you are embodied, grounded, connected to deep, slow, rhythmic breath.”

–Michelle Myhre

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