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SYTYCD Rubbernecking


Rubbernecking is so common, last night’s So You Think You Can Dance garnered the same reactions from reviewers. Today I got tons of forwards and mentions of the “crazy girl doing the Star Wars dance,” but no mentions of the INCREDIBLE first dancer and her completely amazing and unique choreography, nor the last two dancers who made the judges cry they were so powerful.

OH MY GAWD! My friends, did you see the 2 hour premier? I can’t wait to see what this season has in store!

Edit: Thanks to Makeda for reminding me her name is Gabi Rojas!!

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  1. TinaE
    | Reply

    The first girl that danced to Zap Mamma? Gorgeous! And Sonya’s giddiness made me all giddy.

  2. Shay Moore
    | Reply

    Was that Zap Mamma? I totally didn’t recognize it if it was. I admit, I only have about 4 of their albums, but I loooove them.
    And yes, Sonja is such a fantastic addition to this show! Choreographically and energetically!

  3. Makeda
    | Reply

    Gabi Rojas was phenomenal. And oh God, I can’t wait to see what Brandon can do this year. I love Sonja. I am often moved to tears by dance, so to see a pro so moved made me happy and feel all warm and squishy.

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