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Me and mah gurlz got to rock it today at the Totally Tribal Hafla. What a great fun event, and a GLOOOOORIOUS day for it to happen on. Unfortunately, Chris’ back was bothering HIM, and he was frowny and hunhappy and needed to leave, so I didn’t get to hang out and do anything (granted, he offered for us to stay as long as I wanted, but honestly…I wasn’t signing up for him moaning in pain every 2 minutes while I walk around and browse the booths, ya know?)

The hafla itself was lovely, the venue was fun (must go back and check it out in more depth sometime!), and our performance was well received. It was sooo exciting to be back up there with Gen and Kym again (WAHOO!!!), and a special additional treat to have our newest sisters, Star and Kate, with us as well. It just felt…that magic we wanted to feed this fall…here it is.

For me personally…it was hard, I admit. I felt so stiff and out of sorts. I caught myself not smiling a few times, which for anyone who knows me is ridiculous. But I was in pain and the moves were a real struggle to push from my tight and out-of-dance-shape body. But I got to throw a new combo at Gen to stage-test, and I think it worked out well. There was a smatter of zaghareets from the audience and my chorus ladies, so I think it was good! Considering it has been in my head all week long, it was fun to get to pull it out. Gen rules like that to just pick it up and run with it.

It’s always like a mini-reunion at these events, and seeing beautiful ladies like Leslie and Karen and Kath and Ellen and…a huge long list of lovellies. Then add to that all my sweet students who came out, and getting a chance to hang with some of the coolest people I know…it was a great way to come back to performing. I already was excited for next month’s Capitol Club, and now even moreso!

Thanks to everyone who came out! And cheered and hissed and zaghareeted (and cried out for encores!! ;). And thanks for my loving hubby who took the pics and endured his back pain to be there to support us. I love you, my darling.

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