NOTICE: Level 2 & 3 Off Tonight, July 2nd

Level 1 Still Being Held
The heat is fer realz, Seattle friends. Up at Phinney, we have no air conditioning, one box fan, and an entire window of walls. When the sun gets low enough, it beams straight through those windows and cooks us--this coincidentally happens around 8pm.

As a result, we WILL be holding Level 1 class at 7pm, but we will be canceling the 8pm and 9pm classes this evening. Stay home and stay cool, and have a great 4th of July weekend!



Deep Roots Dance is an ATS®-based tribal fusion bellydance company in Seattle,
with a focus on joyful expression and strong technique.

In the classroom, we work together to increase our strength and knowledge, encouraging dancers of all levels to learn to be more present and confident in their bodies. When we take to the stage, we endeavor to express the deep, undeniable power and beauty which lives within every dancer.

Won't you join us?

Current Schedule

New Session Begins
June 23rd & 25th, 2015

Tuesdays at m'illumino
Beginning Drumming: 8pm
Performance Prep: 9pm

Thursdays at Phinney Neighborhood Center
Level 1- Foundations: 7pm
Level 2 - Foundations Plus: 8pm
Level 3 - Combos & Concepts: 9pm

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